Sowing to the Spirit

  1. Thlarau thlaici vorh uh,
    Nitin in vorh uh,
    Zangfahnak ci vorh uh,
    Za lampi tluan ah;
    Thlarau thlaici vorh uh,
    Bawipa rinsan in,
    Tha nuam te in kan ṭuan,
    thlawsuah kan co ding.

    Zaang ai lo ten ṭuan uh
    Cer lian ni liam hlan,
    Tha nau lo in ṭuan uh!
    Hna ṭuan cem tiang in.
  2. Thlarau thlaici vorh uh,
    Thlacam in feh uh,
    Hmunkip ih kan vorh mi,
    Tuanten an kho ding;
    Zumnak thawn thlaici vorh,
    Pathian van ruah in,
    Kan mai’ mithmuh hngan ah
    Hnah no a cerhter ding.
  3. Thlarau thlaici vorh uh,
    Zumnak mal hmanseh,
    Na tha a nau caan le,
    Na riahsiat hman ah;
    Zingzan in vorh ko uh,
    Kan ṭheh hlan tiang in,
    Lungawi thatho te in,
    Khawm caan thleng leh ding.
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binance registrācija

binance registrācija

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.