The Saviour Will Leads Us

Cang 1

Retheihnak hmuah fehsan in,
A kumkhua vancung khua ah,
Vansan harnak um lo in,
Ruuntu Bawipa’n in hruai ding.

Vancung inn kha kan naih sin,
Kan pupa thlawsuahnak hmun,
Mitthli tlaknak um lo in,
Vancung ram nuam kan thleng ding.

Cang 2

A thiangmi tuufa um hmun,
Zion khaw thar a lang ding,
A uknak vancung ah khin,
Ruuntu Bawipa kan hmu ding.

Cang 3

Harnak kha kan lan tik ah,
A thiang mi vancung khua ah,
Ruuntu Bawi thawn kan um ding,
Lungawi in kan hmu ve ding.

Cang 4

Leitlun nun seherh lo in,
Ruuntu Bawi kan hmuh tikah,
A rem mi van tharah khin,
A sual mi kan mai’ hrangah.

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binance-а тркелу

binance-а тркелу

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.