Are Ye Able? Said the Master

Cang 1

Keimah thawn hmunkhat ah thlai ding
Na si thei ding maw? a ti,
Thih ni tiang in kan thlun ngam ding
Asi ti’n an ti ngam ding.

Maw, Bawipa kan ngam, Nangmai’ mi kan si,
Nangmah bang tuk in thianter kan si;
In hruainak lam cu a tleu ngaingai ih,
Pathian duhnak in ka lam a tluang ngaingai.

Cang 2

Misual pa in a siir tik ah,
Thinglamtah a hngilh ding maw?
A sualnak ngaithiam si hnu ah,
Paradai ah um ding maw?

Cang 3

Harnak in a kulh veel tika ah,
Bawipai dungthlun na ngam maw?
Thlarau nehnak thawn va zum aw,
Khi a nuam vancung rammah.

Cang 4

Na si thei ding maw? Bawipa in,
A sim camcin dimte in,
Kalilee ram a feh bang in,
Ralṭhatnak in sawn uh si.

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I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.