1. Jesuh in misual hlawm ding,
    Hi Lainatnak thu than uh;
    Vancung lamzin in pial mi,
    Mi sual mi sirsal thlang uh.

    Hla sak uh, sak nolh hrih uh,
    Misual mi Jesu’n a hlawm,
    Hi thu fiang te in sim uh,
    Jesuh in misual a hlawm.
  2. Hnangam nan hmu ding ra uh,
    A thu a fiang zum cio uh;
    Misual bik hman kha hlawm in,
    A ngaithiam thei Jesuh in.
  3. Ka sualnak hmuah thlengfai in,
    Na hmai ah i thianghlimter;
    Atu cu lung thiangte in,
    Na duh bang in i siter.
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