1. Bawi Jesu’n kanmah in ruun zo,
    Ruuntu Bawipa, a lu hlo zo;
    Satan hremnak a ṭhiatbal zo,
    A duhnak in kanmah ruun zo.

    Bawi Jesuh in, kanmah ruun zo,
    A thlet thii in, in thiangter zo!
    Thinglamtah thihnak a tuar zo,
    Jesuh kan Bawi thangṭhat cio uh.
  2. Satan hremnak in, in ruun zo,
    Sal cannak in, in luatter zo,
    In ruuntu Bawi thangṭhat cio uh,
    A thinglamtah, kha phur cio uh!
  3. Run a duh mi hmuah, in ruunzo,
    Khuaruahharnak hla sak uh si!
    Ṭingṭang tum in, thangṭhat uh si;
    Ruuntu Bawi hmin, thangṭhat uh si!
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