Yield Not to Temptation


1.  Hniksaknak ah tel hlah, sualnak a si ṭheu,

      Veikhat na neh tikah vei dang a ol deuh;

      Thazâng suah in do uh, sualnak neh zuam uh,

      Jesuh khi zohṭhim uh, Ama’n a hruai ding,

              In ruuntu Bawi bawmhnak in,

              Thlangamte in a kil ding;

              Nangmah bawm ding kha duh ding,

              Lam a hmuh sak ding.

2.  Sualnak khi dung tun uh, aansia ṭong sup uh,

      Pathian hmin upat uh, phannak hloter uh;

      A thu khi ngaihtuah uh, zangfahnak thiam uh,

      Jesuh khi zohṭhim uh, Ama’n ahruai ding.

3.  Ral a nehtu hmuah in, laksawng an ngah ding,

      Zumnak in kan neh ding, sunnak umlo ding;

      In ruuntu Bawipa in thacahnak in pek,

      Jesuh khi zohṭhim uh, Ama’n a hruai ding.

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