They Sing a New Song

1.   Vancung inn sungah mi thiang mi’n hla an sak,

      Ruuntu siangpahrang a hmin kha thangṭhat in;

      Hi leitlun retheihnak hmuahhmuah kha tan in,

      Mi thiang mi in lungawinak hla thar an sak.

              Bawipa thangṭhat uh,

              Kalvari tlang ah a thi zo;

              Bawipa thangṭhat uh,

              Thihnak neh in a nungsal zo.

2.   In duh zangfahnak hla sak ding a kim zo,

      A zumtu in thlawsuahnak kha an ngah ding;

      Ruuntu Bawi cu thihnak in a tho leh zo,

      Pathian hnenah a kumkhua in kan um ding.

3.   Puanvar sinmi a thiang cia mi pawl lawng in,

      A zangfahnak in khi hla thar an sak ding;

      A sual mi ngai thiam ding a zangfahnak in,

      A kumkhua in lungawinak hla kan sak ding.

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binance Registrera dig

binance Registrera dig

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