1.  Laksawng pe ding Jesuh a ṭum tikah,

      Sun le zan a si hmanah;

      Zumnak in Amah hngak in tong ding maw,

      Kan mei inn a vang cia maw.

              Maw, u le nau, tim cia in kan um maw,

              Kan thlarau nomnak dingin;

              Kan hngah lai ah Ama’n in tong ding maw,

              Hngak uh Jesuh thlen tiangin hngak uh.

2.  Pakhat hnu pakhat Jesu’n kawh ah cun,

      Zingpit khua a van tikah;

      In pekmi saw kan peksal tik caan ah,

      Miṭha ti’n in ko ding maw.

3.  Amai thutiam bangin kan um cio maw,

      Kan dam sung nun hmuahhmuah in;

      Mawhsiatnak sung in kan luat thei ding maw,

      Thlangamnak khi kan co ding.

4.  A hngaktu in thlawsuahnak an co ding,

      A sunlawinak zar to in;

      Siim le zan ah a thleng ding caan kim in,

      Kan hngah lai in tong ding maw.

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